18 April 2014

RoundUp : Installing Ham Radio Software on an ArmHF Based Cubieboard

This post will not concentrate on a HowTo implement, but on HowTo find your way to implement Ham Radio Software. For details, please have a look at the various topics I covered in the last week. Of course you will get a list of what I managed to get it running. The main difficulties I ran in, were not about finding and implementing but how to combine different parameters with another.

09 April 2014

Silent Whisper: JT9 on a CubieTruck

I made some changes in the text.

Sometimes you need a little bit more patience, some hints and the right reading. When I partly solved my power level settings I reread the article of Joe Taylor Quest for Optimum Coding and Modulation Schemes for EME. Although it is a paper presented some years ago and I have no possibilities to do EME (Earth-Moon-Earth) QSOs, it was more than interesting to read - It pushed me into new directions. (I know, that I am sometimes a little bit slow.) The essence after WSPR, there is more to come JT-9.

06 April 2014

Whispering Powers

Thanks to the hints of Bert PA1B I had to do a revision of my power estimations.

In the last days I was kind of shaken. As told before I wanted to compare my actual data, which I received from my WSPR transmissions using 100 mW with propagation prediction programs. In these programs like VOACAP (more on that later) you have to specify the location, both antennas and the power level of the transmitter. But which figure should I use?

It took me a while, for I didn't know exactly what I was searching for, but finally I found the information I needed on the page of KF6HI SNR . You will find additional information on the page of Bert Power with WSPR, Roger G3XBM WSPR versus CW and in an article from Joe Taylor himself:
K1JT Quest for Optimum Coding and Modulation Schemes for EME  Page 8.

30 March 2014

Whispering CubieTruck Rides for Freedom

I thought I knew everything and things would go easy and fast ... but it wasn't so. But not for the reasons I struggled with in my last posts. As you may remember I built up the WsprBone to find out that the system I used was very limited due to the internal memory. So I found that the FreedomBone was far more attracting and it is running now as my communication server, while the WsprBone is resting in the internal memory. I didn't touch it anymore.
With on Bone gone I was missing the dedicated Ham-computer. I remember that hint of Bob Mottram, that there was an embedded Linux system with 2 GB DDR3 and 8 GB NAND flash, ... and it was called Cubietruck.

The Cubietruck

24 March 2014

FreedomBone: A Free Communication Center Linux Bone

I was developing my WSPR-Bone and had to fight with memory and storage problems when a new project appeared out of the depths of the internet: "How to turn the BeagleBone Black into a FreedomBox-like personal communications server". That sounded interesting so I contected the develper Bob Mottram and this was the start of another adventure in BleagleBone Land:


17 March 2014

15 March 2014

WSPR-Bone: Ham-Bone Radio Software Installation 04

What you missed:

Now that the basic Debian system is running, we can install the software the computer was looking for. But let me give me some additional hints to the basic installation. As I understood, it seems that BeagleBone is changing from Angstrom to Debian. In my eyes a good move. But during this process information is not coordinated. They are spread over several pages. The main site seams to be beagleboard.org. Additional info could be found at circuitco.comarmhf.com and  ti.com. This could get quite confusing and you have to keep track from where you got images, infos etc.

That's the hardware: Ultimate 3 which requested for more WSPR-Software.

My main source in the last days had been elinux.org and I will stick to it.