21 February 2011

MorseTweeter V. 1.0 is finally running

At Last, the MorseTweeter is running. I followed now my original design and it works like a charm.

  1. The MorseTweeter connects directly via the Ethernet-shield to 'search.twitter.com'.
  2. Twitter hopefully accepts the connection with lots of words. Sometimes Twitter is in a bad mood and denies the connection. Then you have to try it again. Have a look at the terminal output.
  3. The Arduino hands over the search string. You will find it in the code. It is 'QRP' ( transmitting at reduced power levels).
  4. Twitter searches in his database and gives the answer in  HTML-coded strings.
  5. All these characters are buffered in the Arduino.
  6. The software scans all the received code for the relevant tags 'title', 'published', 'name' and collects the characters after these tags in strings.
  7. These strings are handed over to the morse-interpreter and 'beeped' as they come along.
  8. All these characters are simultaneously displayed on the LCD line per line.
  9. The Arduino waits until power is turned off, for the search request is done only once.

Be careful, I used for my hardware some special libraries etc. You have to customize the code by yourself and you will do it at your own risk.

For the moment I will leave things as they are. Especially I will not trigger a morse-keyer with a electromagnet controlled by the Arduino. The reason is simple: I have only touch paddles and not a traditional keyer. 

Anyway thanks for all the help from Armand Niculescu, Mark VandeWettering K6HX, Michael McRoberts
Nikita Kovshov, Thomas DD1TS, Jordan Terrell and many others who gave a hand or code snippets.

As always ;-) I made a little video which took some time and is miserable (could not get the camera to focus), which vanished into oblivion. I made a new one to stay forever ;-) . You will see what is most important: That the MorseTweeter works!

The code is public domain and anyone can do whatever is useful. The code is really not optimized. So if you have fun, it would be nice if you drop me a line or comment in my blog or include a brief acknowledgement in whatever derivative you create, but that's just a courtesy.  Feel free to do whatever. Here you can find the sourcecode.
UPDATE 26.3.2011: I just noticed that the IP of search.twitter does not work anymore. You have to make an IP-Lookup to get the new IP-Adress.

I just found on the Blog of a  Mark VandeWettering K6HX a proverb, which reflects my kind of thinking:

“There is much pleasure in useless knowledge.” 
Bertrand Russell

Stay Tuned!