13 February 2011

Review: Michael Margolis - Arduino Cookbook

A Must Have: Arduino Cookbook

This is really a book that I was waiting for: "Arduino Cookbook" written bMichael Margolis and Nicholas Robert Weldin and published by O'Reilly. It has nearly everything you need to get started and lots of code for advanced projects. 
By courtesy of © Michael Margolis

Subjects which are covered range from 

  • basic explanations how to get the Arduino going, 
  • a decent introduction to programming and debugging
  • using hardware sensors (incl. GPS and gyroscope)  and linking them into projects
  • controlling LEDs and LCDs
  • using sensors and motors
  • playing melodies and controlling midi
  • working with infrared signals or controlling a camera
  • clocks, wii, wireless, ethernet, ...
It takes too much place to list all the chapters for the book has over 500 pages.

By courtesy of © Michael Margolis

What I really like: This book is not written for dummies with lots of bla-bla-text. It has a straight structure which is kept up through the whole book:
  • Description
  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Discussion
Everything is well documented, the code is enriched with comments and explanations and worked right out of the box. And you will find all relevant links to related projects in the discussion part.

Well Done!
By courtesy of © Michael Margolis

And there is more: This book is not releasedyet  but you can get a preliminary-version at Safaribooks. You can look at it and buy it as a pdf-version for little money. Later on when the book is released you will get the final version and/or can buy the printed book. Here is the link for "Arduino Cookbook".

I have this book on my eReader on the workbench, can search the contents to find other relevant code snippets or just poke around to find some new ideas.

By courtesy of © Michael Margolis

Absolute recommendation or "un must" as the French used to say.