17 June 2011

Q: Did Johann Christian Bach Need Another Education?

This is just a close-up to How can we collaborate if we are taught to compete.  I will not reiterate the talk of  Ken Robinson and the visualisation of RSAnimate. They condensed it to 10 minutes, but this could be a long time if you pack so many thoughts in one picture.

© RSA Animate Sir Ken Robinson, Changing Education Paradigms 16.06.08
(Just click on the picture to read it properly)

  • Schools are organized in factory lines
  • There are ringing bells
  • Separate subjects by language, science, maths, sports, ...
  • Educate them in batches
  • Try to install conformity
  • Use standardised testing
  • Most important thing: Date of manufacture?
Education is modeled on the interests industrialization and in the image of it.
There is a certain truth in it. Children are trained to stand their ground in the working process.

 And this is also true for students. And this attitude will be form their behavior when they are competing in society . (Have a look at the VroniPlag Wiki.) When even in the scientific community plagiarism is tolerated and the copy machine is a standard tool for creating "new" ideas, there must be something wrong. 

But who am I, to tell what is right and what is wrong? Just complaining about what has gone wrong is not enough. We have to get involved and we have to start by ourself. 

© RSA Animate Sir Ken Robinson, Changing Education Paradigms 16.06.08
alternative school by Virge (Virgil Keys)
They attend an alternative school
Taking subjects most kids would call cool.
With no spelling, no grammar—
Just dark arts and glamour—
On desktops they carve, "Wizzards Rool."

One last question: What about music plagiarism? 

A: No, he had the best master one could think of and after hearing the masters music over and over it is clear that something remained. Beside that copy-shops were unknown at this time.
@fh: I hope that this an equivalent to the promised but missing story about fools, princesses and dinners in Malaysia.