04 April 2012

Arduino and SuperCollider

My interest in Supercollider has not been diminished. in the past months. But to tell you the truth a very steep learning curve is slowing down the progress. I am still reading the Supercollider Book and it is slow going. Most important until now I only found hints to my project which I had in mind.

Der Rentenplan  ©   Joachim Lehrer
Some years ago I used the libraries of the project Midi Toolbox for some analyizes with the incipits of the works of Johann Sebastian Bach.
So I wanted to use these "melodies" to experiment with computer assisted composing. But it seems to be that this kind of alghorthmic computing is not in the focus of Supercollider. But I am far from the end of the learning process. So I am still sure, that I will find a way to fulfill my imaginations.

What I noticed is that Supercollider is an incredible instrument for controlling  oscillators in every way you want. And I found a library to connect the Arduino to the input of Supercollider.

So this is what I am playing with:
I provide the Arduino with a lot of sensors.

A light sensor
A temperature and humidity sensor
Select the output and filter it and use it as a controlling stream of various synthesizers. What you get? Some sort of ambient music. But I already had to reconsider the choices of the sensors. The steady stream of data does not vary in a timely manner. So I am now experimenting with additional senors from the Android phone.

Attention, this is a long talk:

Here is what you get in a short video:

The programming is not the real problem for the libraries of the Arduino project are well done. It is the interfacing to Supercollider and the music which will take a bit of a time.

Stay Tuned!