03 April 2012

DIY - I play my own beacon

I was sitting on the top of the dune and wondering where I was, looking for someone to give me a signal.

African Land Rover
But nobody and no signal was coming back. Just someone in the background was laughing.

A Boa -mask

And strange sounds were coming to my ears.

But these were not  the signals I was looking for. I was looking for a signal to align my various  filters in the SOLF. So there was no other way. I ordered a signal generator from QRPprojects and it arrived a day later.

As you may see not a lot of parts and it took me about an hour to assemble that piece of electronics. You plug in a crystal with a given frequency and it produces that signal. So I ordered additionally some crystals for the ham bands.

Plugged it into the antenna entrance of the SOLF, tuned the SOLF to the frequncy in this case 7035 KHz and searched for the signal and connected the SOLF to my computer. The signal was analyzed by the fantastic software "Spectrum Lab" by   DLYYHF.

The rest was no problem and I optimized what I already had started. But this time I did it right ;-)

A Luba mask
Let's finish with some good music.

Stay Tuned!