20 April 2012

Follow up: The HyEndFedAntenna in the Wild

Weather was not so bad so that I could open a window for a while. And so the antenna went out. But I must confess that the wire did not line up in a orderly way. My pole was only about 7 m long and I fastened the coil at the end of the mast so that the rest of the antenna was dangling in the free. I would call the antenna an "Out-Of-The-Window-Winding-up-Type-in-a-Crippled-Inverted-Vee-Manner"

But the antenna worked! First I used it without tuner and the SWR was as promised (always CW) on 40m 1:1,1, on 20m 1:1 and on 10m about 1:1,2. Well done when you think, that the wire was between two houses and went through a tree.

But as already told, I plan to use it later on as my main antenna and I wanted to know if it can be tweaked with my Elecraft T1 antenna tuner. And here are the results:

  • 10m - 1:1
  • 12m - 1:1,7
  • 15m - 1:1,4
  • 17m - 1:1,7
  • 20m - 1:1
  • 30m - 1,7
  • 40m -1,1
  • 80m - 1,3
I know that I will not get the output I could have had, if I would use a proper aligned antenna. But I am working with 5 watt. In case of problems I could crank up the power to 7 watt - but please do not tell somebody.

Of course I made some QSOs with Zc, Eu and 4z also on 24 Mhz. All in all - it's all right.

EDIT: News from the HyEndFed production.

Stay Tuned!