06 April 2012

HowTo Solve the Magic SOLF Puzzle - Post Final II

I did it.

My first QSO with the SOLF.

I could not resist and wait for the final alignment. So I looked what had to be done and as far as I could imagine did the necessary refinements so that the SOLF worked in CW.

So yesterday evening I was hanging out with Alexander. He was starting to wind the coils for the filters and I turned over the bands. First I heard a station from Jordan, but I did not managed to get into contact. I was looking on the 20m band and suddenly heard a station from Brazil. The signal was just between 2-3 on the S-meter but I could read the signal. At first there were a lot of other stations on the frequency.

Endlich - Finally  ©  Joachim Lehrer

So the Om asked to call 1 kHz up. I had to check the manual for I had never used split with the SOLF. I changed to the second VFO switched in a broader filter and tried my luck and did succeed:

I worked Ville, PY2ZEA with 5 watts on an experimental antenna ( 10 m wire out of the window between two trees) with an Balun 1 zu 9 UNUN and the Elecraft tuner T1.

I did not tell Ville that I was working QRP and he had some difficulties getting my call sign correct, but he managed it an I will send him my QSL-card with the explanations.

All in all: 9537.1 km with 5 watts that makes 0,000524 watt per kilometer. Better than with an airplane, car, bike or whatever you use.

Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?
This was indeed a good way to start with the new rig.

As Vera Bunse said: "The Magic Puzzle is SOLFed!"

Stay Tuned!