19 April 2012

There Is a New Antenna in Town: HyEndFedAntenna

I know: size matters. But if your place is restricted you have to find a way around.

After reading some discussions in the qrp-forum (sorry only in German) I first considered to build on by my own. But I am not a tinkerer and needed something sturdy I took the plunge and wrote an email to the OM from Netherlands Rob (PA3EKE), who owns the little company "HyEndFed Antenna". I had not finished my letter when an answer arrived and three days later the antenna was in my shack.

The discussions were fun and Rob answered and helped in anyway possible. Well done.

I had to choose between monoband antennas from 40 to 10 meters and several multiband antennas. Of course there was a certain temptation to buy the Five Band (80, 40, 20, 15, 20m) but 23m = no go. Also the multiband antenna for 40, 20, 15 and with only 20 meters was too long. I plan to use it in this summer when I am portable and I will sit most of the time on various camping sites. So size matters ;-). It is hard to hide 10 m on the normal camping areas without coming into conflict with your neighbors.

So it was the Tri Band Antenna 40,20, and 10m with 11,85 m for 200 watt .

But I will find a way to get that thing going. You can use this antenna in any way you want: slope, horizontal, inverted vee, vertical or dangling from the balcony.

© Rob (PA3EKE) 
© Rob (PA3EKE) 
© Rob (PA3EKE) 

© Rob (PA3EKE) 
I like this version © Rob (PA3EKE) 

As already stated: there will be a way to erect it. And you need no radials or complicated grounding system.

This antenna is basically a half-wave dipole without a feed line. You feed the signal directly through a matchbox into the wire. And that's all.

The measurement of min. SWR are shown on a graphic and seem to be very good (swr 1:1) on 40, 20 and 10 meters.
© Rob (PA3EKE) 
 The graphic was part of an excellent manual.

So I have two problems:
1. What do I do with the rest of the 195 watt. I have only 5 w?
2. When will the weather change so that I could go outside?

All in all: No tests in the moment. I will come back and tell you. And if the antenna works as adverticed I will try to attach it somewhere hidden near by my apartment.

Please have a look at my follow up article: The HyEndFedAntenna in the wild.

Stay Tuned!