04 January 2013

Adventures in Antenna Land

As you may perhaps remember, some months ago I bought a new antenna, a 3-Band HyEndFed Antenna.I made some experiments and it worked well in my environment.
This rainbow doesn't support my antenna ;-(

But things are sometimes not so easy as they look in the first moment. When I wanted to replace my old wire antenna with the new one ...

I ran into trouble. The old antenna is fed via an unun balun and the wire goes secretly from my window sill to the right into a tree with lots of branches, turns at about 8 meter above ground about 270 degree around the tree trunk, makes its way to a fire tree, where it is attached. I took me several hours to wind the wire through branches and fix them. When I tried to do that with the new antenna it was a mess. The wire had a coil near the end and so ... my old wire is still hanging and I used with much success the HyEndFed antenna when I was in the wild with my K1. And I can tell you: It works like a charm and you only have to find one point which is several meters high to attach the antenna.

When in Trouble Call for Advice

The situation at home did not improve - it got worse when the old ZX Yage balun stated to disintegrate due to the bad weather. I had to find another solution. And I remembered that the HyEnd-Company had other Multiband Baluns. So I wrote during the last holidays to Rob (PA3EKE) and described my problem. He answered faster than you can imagine and he said: "NO!". This would be no good solution with my estimeated 12m of wire. But he found after an email exchange another solution: His HyEndFed Allband Antenna. It consists of an unun balun which is suitable for 1 to 54 mHz with wire lengths between 7 and 53 meters. It can be used up to 200 watts. So I ordered it and two days later the balun was on its way.

Today it arrived and I could not resist to install the device. (Sorry no pictures: You know it is a hidden stealth antenna ;-)).

Before and after I installed the new one I made some measurements to see if things will change. And it did.

The SWR-Measurements were done on all bands in the CW-section.

  1. FT817 2,5 watt without tuner (ZX Yage = old balun)
  2. FT817 2,5 watt without tuner (HyEndFed AllBandMatcher)
  3. FT817 2,5 watt with Elecraft T1 Tuner and HyEndFed AllBandMatcher
  4. K2 3 watt and internal tuner and HyEndFed AllBandMatcher
  5. K1 1,5 watt and internal tuner and HyEndFed AllBandMatcher
Here are the numbers:
  •      1.      2.      3.      4.      5. 
  • 160m 2,5  -  4,0  -  1,0
  •  80m 5,5  -  6,0  -  1,3  -  1,6
  •  40m 4,7  -  6,2  -  1,1  -  1,8  -  1,3
  •  30m 4,6  -  7,0  -  1,1  -  1,3  
  •  20m 2,5  -  2,8  -  1,3  -  1,3  -  1,3
  •  17m 6,6  -  4,8  -  1,5  -  1,3
  •  15m 7,0  -  2,9  -  1,1  -  1,6
  •  12m 3,6  -  3,7  -  1,2  -  1,3
  •  10m 6,8  -  1,7  -  1,2  -  1,3 

So when I put it all together: The situation has been improved on the higher bands and I can work on all bands knowing that most of my energy will be lost somewhere. But that does not matter: I am able to make make contacts and I worked already some DX-Stations.

One problem remains: What do I do with the remaining 195 watt? Perhaps I have to phone to the Netherlands again and get some advice ...

EDIT: Advice was given. See the ongoing story about antenna improvements.

And for my other listeners a goody found by William Araújo:

Stay Tuned!