06 January 2013

Antenna improvements and the Future

I f you have to live with with compromises ... Well life is a compromise and you have to look for improvements. But these do not stand around the next corner and wait for you.
Die Hohlstunde © Joachim Lehrer
 You have to search for them and as always, if there is someone with an advice ... the solution might against all odds wait just around the corner.

After the installation of the new balun I was kind of happy that I found a solution. But Germany is not far from the Netherlands and Rob with his HyEndFedAntennas was watching my blog. And his statement came down on me: "The Lower Bands do not look good. You must try to install some more wire." But how could I add wire to a crazy antenna wound around several trees even if they had no leaves in the wintertime? But an advice without concrete help would be counterproductive. So Rob added a picture which I do not want to hide before your curious eyes.
© Rob Eke
Do you see the trick? You don't have to lengthen the fixed wire, you can also add at the feeding point some wire. Of course this will add some other problems, but compromises ...

I knew that things will get time consuming and I wanted to be sure that my next measurements would be more standardized. So I asked my friend Werner (DL5SBT) if I could borrow his trusted antenna analyzer (MFJ 259). Of course this was no problem (Lets call it ham spirit) and I could start testing.

I repeated the measurements with the new device and considering the fact that "Wer misst, misst Mist" the results were comparable. Additionally I found the only true resonances point of my beloved wire: 16200 kHz. This could not be real for I was sure that the original wire was about 12m long. But I had to accept reality. 16200 * 0.48 = 8.88 m I will call it the electrical length of the wire. So I added as shown above 1,35 m of wire and the resonance went up to about 14060 kHz. Well done. Well part of ...the other SWR readings were out of tune. But Rob gave me his measurements so I made additional wires. So this is what I got.
To make a long story short: In the moment an additional wire of 2,10m is dangling in a tree ;-) and my antenna tuners (T1, K2, K1) do the rest and the do it well for the SWR on all bands are below 1.5. (I know HF will disappear somewhere. But does HF not always disappear somewhere.)

In the Netherlands they have huge farms where they grow up red water bombs. They are called tomatoes  (Uuups, I could not resist ;-)) I think that there are now a new and in every sense better kind of farms over there: They are called antenna farms... The reason for my speculation: Rob wrote another letter, that they had an idea of improving their design of the Unun balun and I would receive in exchange an improved version of the balun. So there will be another story to come.

All in all: Ham spirit is a living part of my life and Werner has to wait a little longer until I will give back his antenna tuner.

And have a look at the ongoing story.

Stay Tuned!