01 February 2013

A Battle Between My Crazy Wire and Some Baluns

Some of my readers may remember the running gag about the postman who rang twice. Here is the continuing story: Some days ago the postman rang twice and he handed me a parcel from the Netherlands. Of course the package was opened at once and inside I found a beautiful hand-made balun crafted by Rob and Ron ( PA3EKE). (You may remember them as the guys who constructed the HyEndFedWire Antennas.

Last time I did complain about my last Balun which left me sitting on 195 watts. So they decided to change their design It is an SWL-Antenna which matches random wires from 0,3 up to 30 MHz. And the measurements show that loaded the SWR is completely flat over the whole range.

And I am only allowed to put max. 25 watts into it. (That leaves another 20 watts for the heating ;-))

Now I had three baluns which I could compare:

SWL-Balun, AllBand-Matcher and ZX-Yagi

This balun was constructed and wound according to my problems and so it is (in the moment) a soltaire. I was a little lacy, so I still had the antenna analyzer from my friend Werner (DL5SBT) and I could not wait to see the results.

The legend:

  • 200W      - AllBand-Matcher (1:9) from HyEndFed-Antennas
  • 200WoE - AllBand-Matcher (1:9) from HyEndFed-Antennas without ground connection
  • SWL       - SWL-Balun (1:9) from HyEndFed-Antennas
  • SWLoE   - SWL-Balun (1:9) from HyEndFed-Antennas  without ground connection
  • XYoE      - YX - Yagi  (MTFT 1:10) without ground connection

(Just to make this clear: The measurements of the HyEndFed Baluns have from the 15m Band on upwards the same readings. So you only see one line.)

The differences are clear. Rob and Ron did manage to drop the SWR from their All Band Balun in the low frequencies significantly. Well done!.

And now I have the handcrafted balun sitting on my window sill as the winner in this battle.

Stay Tuned!