04 September 2013

Sounds with Jam Origin from a Classical Guitar

There are so much sounds in the world, But when you only play on a classical guitar you are stuck to the sound which comes from your beautiful instrument, When you are playing piano you are on the better side. When you own a keyboard you only need a midi cable and connect it with a synthesizer of your dreams and you can play real cool sounds like a piano, cello, violin, moog, saxophone, ... Some times I just want to sink in an ocean of sounds never heard before, which are created by Absynth 5.

I f you know how to treat your guitar well you seldom are a trained pianist. So I was looking for a lot of years for a solution so that the guitar could be used as a midi input device. And to make things more difficult, I wanted to stay with my nylon strings. I found a solution: The Godin Multiac Nylon SA.  But that if you sum it up costs a lot of money.

So I looked up the RMC Pickups Acoustic Gold which does all the work and thought about building it myself into one of my guitars and I ran into a guitar which did fascinate me a long time: Frameworks Guitars. These guitars are of excellent quality and if you play them well, you have your own orchestra in your hands.

So finally I settled with a Yamaha Silent guitar  which has no midi output but a nice pickup. It is well build and behaves like a normal guitar and it is collapsible.

The only thing I had to do is wait.

Now the time has come and there is a software which can be used as a Midi guitar from Jam Origin You have to buy the Software (you can first test it), plug your guitar into your laptop and start playing and it works. There is an easy mode for setting up the gear.

.Of course you have to connect the software to the soundcard and with a virtual midi cable to your synthesizer. (There is a piano sample provided with the software, but ... it is only for demonstration purposes.)  Each string is sampled and "translated" to the correct midi tone.

The software is optimized for steel strings. So I had to invest some time to tinker with the settings. With the poly tuner you will find the right tones and you will see the sound shape which comes from your guitar.

If you are using the ASIO sound driver you will have nearly no latency problem. Of course it takes some time for analyzing the sound but if you play adagio and you play in a clean style every note will be produced. Of course it is possible to route each string into another midi channel so that you will be able to play six instruments at the same time. (In the moment I like to play organ with different orchestrations.

All in all this is the software I've been waiting for and although it is still a beta version it fits to my needs. Give it a chance and play with the demo. You will be astonished.

Stay Tuned!