04 November 2013

Ultimate 4 Steam Punk QRSS Radio

I am sure that I already made a notice about the new Ultimate 3 QRSS Kit. As always Hans Summers is busy developing the software and improving this little Trx. It now has a bright LCD shield which is much better integrated into the PCB-stack and is easier to read.

© Hans Summers

And the best of all Hans (G0UPL) could keep the price.

But as life often plays havoc with nice and busy people, there was a minor error on the PCB and it could be corrected with two additional wires. But a gentleman is a gentleman and Hans didn't want to offer this board to the fellow hams and thought about producing at his own costs new PCBs.

But a storm broke loose: Most hams were annoyed that they would be not allowed to solder those two wires. They talked about former times when the world was good and radios consisted of wires and valves and no PCBs.

So I proposed to Hans to develop the Ultimate 4 Steam Punk QRSS Radio, but sadly Hans said : "No time". But five minutes later I found a schematic in my postbox from Mike (G8NXD and M3MSM),  which I don't want to hide from your eyes.

The heaters are both 6.3v so feed them from a 7805 with a couple of diodes in the ground pin.  The 12v supply could be a 1A wallwart. The anode PA coil could be wound on a T50-6 and the coupling should feed into a balanced load. If the xtal is removed the triode becomes a buffer so the U2 osc and keying could be used as the freq source. Otherwise a 10.140 xtal on the grid,a 1RPM spit motor driving a programmed disk switching a cammed microswitch, either for CW, or switch a cap from the grid of the triode to earth to do fsk.
© With permission of Mike G8NXD
The only thing I am still missing is the magic eye.

But we are not at the end of the development. Time will tell.
Before I forget it: The old PCBs will be used. You still need some wires to go wireless.

And one last remark to all that discussions about agencies controlling the Internet: For me the Internet is still my place to meet friends and talk about projects which are open to the world. The idea of a marketplace is at last for me secondary.

Stay Tuned!