07 February 2014

Double Fun while Whispering: 912.000 km per Watt

After observing my station for countless hours and resetting the timer once and again, I wanted to close down my station. Achieving such great distances with 1 mW has been an adventure, but I thought it was time to move on. But +J├╝rgen v.d.Trenck said: No, just turn it down again.

I had trouble for I could not represent the -3dBm in the parameter of the Ultimate 3. The bottom line is 00 dB. But I thought it would not matter anyway, for nobody will hear such a tiny signal and I obeyed his "order". So I just turned down the signal another 3 dB and had an output of 0,5 mW = 500 microWatt (but still reported 1 mW).

I have 200 mW output out of the Ultimate 3 = 23 dBm and then comes the Attenuator:

23 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 20 = -3 dBm = 0.5 mW.

It took some hours, but here is the report:
From WSPRnet.org

  • Date: 2014-02-07 15:32 
  • Call: DL1SDZ 
  • Freq.: 10.140242 
  • SNR: -24 
  • Drift: -1 
  • Grid: JN48mm 
  • Power : 0.001 (was actually 0.0005 W) 
  • Reporter: ON7KO 
  • RGrid: JO21ce 
  • Distance: 456 km 
  • Bearing: 312 

That's 2 * 1000 * 456 km = 912.000 km per Watt.

Thanks to +Hans Summers !

EDIT: And to PA1B (Bert) who did a calculation with my data. Thanks! Please have a look at the wonderful QRPp Blog of Bert.
And Bert made manually a second calculation on the basis of my 0.5 mW. You will findfind as always his post in his QRPp Blog. Thanks Bert, for your insight.

Isabellas Himmelfahrt © Joachim Lehrer

Now I am entitled to have a good rest and listen to my favorite music.

Stay Tuned!