17 March 2014

WSPR-Bone: More Ham Software on the BBB 5

What you missed:
This will be a short post, listing the software which ran on my BeagleBone Black. I checked the software listed on the site Linux Hamradio Application  which is indeed a valuable source. It is up to date, as far as I could check.

My main program - WSPR

My main problem was memory. As you may remember, I have only some megabytes left to install programs. So all these nifty programs with lots of visual candy had to be ruled out. I had to look at programs, which used a minimum of resources. 

So on the downside I could not install WSJT and WSJTX. Not quite correct I could compile them (or get the from the Debian testing repositories), but they would not run: Lack of sufficient internal memory although I install a small swap file. But I knew that there were some limits for the BBB

On possibility are Python programs, for I had already a Python interpreter 2.7 on board. I found a logging program PyQso which used an internal SQL-Database. All the other logging programs depended on Mysql or comparable databases. I would have preferred those, but space ... Perhaps some time later I will drop some programs and install MySQL.


Data Logging Screen of PyQSO
This program is a little bit slow and had a hiccup when importing my ADIF File of QSOs, but on the second try all went well. 

Of course GPredict installed without any problems

LinPSK  installed also without problems. Some programs e.g. Xoscope, for which have actual no usage, look for the input device at /dev/dsp but my soundcard was on /dev/dsp1. But often you could call the program from the terminal and add the correct device.

Another program which works well with the different QRSS modes of the Ultimate 3 is glfer. As you see, It ran without a glitch although I didn't find a useful signal.

There are still more programs on the BBB like VOACAP , Gnumeric, ... but I think that it is enough ... for the moment. I could prove to myself that the BeagleBone Black is a better and faster solution for ham radio software and I will use it only for that purpose. Of course there is a lot to do to integrate it with the Ultimate 3. And there is more good news: Hans Summer is developing a companion receiver for his fabulous machine.

Stay Tuned!