11 June 2014

A Basic Stand for the Palm-Radio Keyer

Sometimes it is as easy as 1-2-3, but only if you got the right ideas from you friends. In one of last posts about the new "Palm Single" keyer I was complaining about the lack of a stand provided by the Oms of Palm. After some discussions on the German Qrp-Forum there was an easy solution presented, which I managed to replicate.

DL1SDZ proudly presents the Palm-Keyer Stand

I never had in former times the two magnets which are now part of the delivery. And I always thought, that they should be used with a rig. But when the rig housing consists of metal you could use any other metal.

So I went to a nearby locksmith's shop and presented them my problem. It turned out that there was no problem. The guy went to the shelf, took a 60 mm * 5m steel band, cut 85 mm from it and deburred it. Roughly 2 minutes and it was for free.

I attached the Palm Single into it's Quickmout with the two magnets on the bottom.

Quick Mount for Pal-Radio Keyers with magnets
And the keyer was stand solid as a rock on the steel plate. The weight was not so high so it moved a little bit on the table. So  I first used some foam rubber, but that didn't help much. One Om Fred (HB9JPC) proposed Neopren. I looked for it in the internet and found a shop were it was possible to buy Neopren by the meter, but at what prices. But then I noticed that this material was used for carrying straps for cameras, so that they did not slip from the shoulder. I had an old one at home, fitted a piece and that did the trick:

No movement when using the keyer. And I could use this stand also for my other Mini Paddle.

Palm Mini Paddle on the stand

 So one other problem solved for the forthcoming SOLF+.

Stay Tuned!