26 August 2014

Hajo's Kontrapunkte Blog Will Retire

Painting by Joachim Lehrer

I have been wondering for a long time what to do with this blog, but it is decision time.

When I started this blog I was fed up by looking into 100 places what reactions my postings did generate. So I thought, that if I would concentrate my content on a page which was partly under my control things would be easier. But life works different and communication patterns changed. People take ideas and discuss it somewhere. This is good, if your ideas get spread. But I hoped that I would have some benefit from it - Get new ideas or developments. Didn't work this way. So I have to go back to the sources (content pools) where people meet.

All the ideas in this blog fit in my head, but other people have other ideas, directions, opinions and some were even pushed off by mixing technology and music. So my readers came from two different camps which could not be merged. That is one of the reasons, why my official followers were a small group (round about 20 persons) Thanks to them and for their patience and I hope that you had some fun following me.

What is success? When I look at the numbers it is not so bad: In the moment more than 160 000 look ups. When I break this number down to articles it was a range from 20 to over 5000 page views. I know: It is not the number that counts. More important is if a reader got some ideas by reading my articles. That might have been the case.

But I ran into trouble keeping up the speed with which technology develops. When writing an article it took sometimes only weeks until there was further development which made my entry obsolete. There was a time were I tried to catch up, but that's impossible at least for a single person.

It takes time to write an article which could be presented to the group. I had no constant followers, so I had to do some active advertising to let people know, that there was ongoing development. If I would calculate the time I needed, to get this blog going ... I will not do this, for it was also fun.

My main reason for this blog was mainly to have some sort of diary were I could look up things I had forgotten. And that is my most important reason to reconsider this blog. I had a diary but even if I applied some sort of indexing system the search for articles didn't work as I hoped.

I am used to my internal "Zettelkasten" a MediaWiki with more than 6000 entries. When I look for something I have a structure which supports my way of thinking and when I am lost, I just type in some words and I will get my hits within seconds. With this blog no way. There is no structure, the machine in the background is slow, slow slow. It takes too long to find something and I often do not find the thing I was looking for although I am sure that it is there among the 350 articles.  This blog was not intended as a reference by the programmer and it is not.

The contents of this blog was often mixed with links to the outside world. But if I checked some time later: Pages didn't exist anymore, were moved, videos were killed. Some articles looked like a giant hole. No fun to look at it and a pun to walk through and correct it.

So to make a long story short:

This will be the last post in this blog. The contents was already moved to another system (Wordpress, but this is also no solution. (there is a sort of Wiki, but this does not work in my sense.) I will transfer the contents to my Zettelkasten, which will take some time.
AND I will remove the content from this blog for I have no interest in controlling links eg. But this will also take some time.

I will post my ideas and my main articles on another media. I have an active mailing list and if someone interested in following my thoughts write an email or follow me on Google+.

So a big thank you to all the folks who followed and cared. It was fun and I learned a lot. But it's time to move on.

Bye and see you later somewhere ...